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Little Italy House

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Located in Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood, this colourful and light-filled addition to the back of a semi-detached home replaces a dark cold room typical of many un-renovated houses of the period. Designed by AGATHOM Co. Architects, the project is an exercise in making small spaces feel generous.

The addition emphasizes the verticality latent in the house’s Victorian bones, with a tall volume that brings natural light to the complex new kitchen and eating area. A tall, thin slot of glazing celebrates the transition between old and new. The smooth modernist flow of space belies the construction complexity that literally supports the floating addition upon two concrete piers, along with the intricacies of a green roof, and the extremely precise framing behind an elegant cantilevered overhang that connects the kitchen to the yard. A visual seamlessness is achieved through steel beams buried within the high ceiling.

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